Learn your favorite songs, write a song, experience what it takes to be a real Rock Star!

This is a condensed version of our Rock School program which typically is spread over a 4-5month semester.

Ages 10 and up. Classes will run Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm. All bands will have a choice to take home a recording or do a private show in our beautiful Studio B! We are currently enrolling bands right now. Give us a call or email for more details!



Tuition Rates:

Rock School Semester: $1000 per student, $200 per month

Summer Camps 1-week session: $600 per student


The process of being a Rock Star doesn’t start with lessons, it starts with a yearning for something bigger and better than we currently are. A fire for something that will change us, challenge us, show us love, passion, dedication, determination, success, failure, perseverance and everything else we can or will experience in life. - J.P (Owner and Founder)


Our program is designed to give everyone the opportunity to find their own voice or path. It is important to give someone an environment to express themselves in and provide guidance to help them be the musician or artist they want to be. This program is open to all genres and styles of music because you never know where someones musical path will take them. 

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