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Rock School Program

A collection of pictures of a few of our rock school bands at our biannual performances!

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Private Lessons

We offer private individual and group instruction, lessons are geared toward your needs. From children to adults, beginner to advanced, ROAM's instructors are ready to accommodate you on your musical journey!

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Kate Sirpis

Rock School, Student

I have been at ROAM since it opened in September 2011. In those six years I have been in four bands and worked closely with many instructors. ROAM has allowed me to work with so many talented, children, teenagers, and adults, many that I can now call my close friends. ROAM really is one of the bigger contributors to Del Ray’s community. It brings people from all over to bond with a common interest. I look forward to seeing the talent that comes out of here in years to come.


Beck Moniz

Rock School

ROAM is really an awesome place. Bass lessons have improved my playing skills, broadened my horizons in music, and helped me start a number of bands. ROAM is a staple of Del Ray, and an overall amazing place to be, with the levels of talent that can be both seen and heard at any point. I hope for the experience of this awesome school to be shared for many years to come.


Addison Waller

ROAMfest Fan

ROAM is a great place. It seems to be a great place according to my friends, not only because of the music, but through the community it has built. I have always been inspired by all of the talent showcased at the shows to start taking lessons because the program is so wonderful.


Hayden Sirpis

Rock School, Student

ROAM has played a huge role in my life. The instructors and the people who work there really make you feel like part of a family. Roam is the reason I and anyone else there will ever have a chance at becoming a successful musician. ROAM has a variety of great teachers who can teach anyone at any level of expertise. I have been in a band at ROAM for almost two years now and we have played gigs in front of 500 people! ROAM is an amazing place to take lessons and make friends along the way.


Alec Stamatopolous

Rock School

When I joined ROAM I was very nervous. Once I got there I quickly learned that everyone that works and are students there are very kind and welcoming. With the help of the instructors I have expanded my knowledge of music and refined my playing skills. Every time I walk through the front door I am excited to learn something new!


George Stamatopolous

Rock School

ROAM’s rock school is a great program to be a part of. Ever since I can remember, I have loved to preform. With the help of JP and the crew, I have been able to improve my musicianship and take my performances to the next level. On top of an impressive and organized program, the community I have found within is undeniably kind and accepting. I am proud to be a member of Rock of Ages Music!

Holly Sapp

ROAM Parent

JP and the ROAM staff maintain a fun and supportive environment for people of all ages and skill levels. It is amazing to see how our kids have grown as musicians and performers. We look forward to the concerts and seeing all of these amazingly talented kids!

Thad Huguley

ROAM Parent

The best thing about ROAM, other than making great music, is the way JP and his team have built a community of ridiculously talented musicians who support each other AND push each other to always get better.



ROAM opened in 2011. It was created to be an all inclusive music center to provide the area with all of its musical needs. ROAM offers private and group instruction for all ages and all levels of experience, a Rock School Program (8yrs and up), group lessons, retail, and rehearsal space.


ROAM is conveniently located in the heart of Alexandria's vibrant Del Ray neighborhood just outside of our Nation's Capital.



114 E. Del Ray Ave.

Alexandria, VA 22301

Phone: (703) 838-2130




Mon - Fri: 11am - 7pm

​​Sat - Sun:  12pm - 8pm

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